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© 1970-2002 Todd VerBeek
a retrospective

This is a retrospective on the artistic career of Todd VerBeek. You probably haven't heard the name before, and you probably never will again. Todd is the sort of artist whose genius will almost certainly go unrecognised, due to his inability to pick an area and focus his life's work on it. As you will see from the works on display here, he has taken a long, rambling road to where he is now... and he doesn't seem to have a clear idea of where he's going next.

This retrospective spans a third of a century, and includes works which required painstaking digital restoration, due to the dubious, non-archival materials used. The tour begins with Todd's early experiments using the medium of crayons on manila paper; it follows with his flirtations with construction paper; it looks at the marker-drawn comicbooks he created in later elementary school and the growth of his figure rendering in middle school; it samples some of his scattered work in high school; it glances at his semi-amateur photojournalism and illustration in college; it peeks at his so-called "dark" inter-collegiate years; and it provides an overview of recent works in art school, where he's actually showing some promise.

To move from room to room, click on the links in the navigation bar to the left. Click on the reduced thumbnails to get a closer look at each piece. Please be patient for the images to appear; this is art, and art takes time.

CAUTION: Some of the pieces include nudity and/or dangerous ideas; parental and/or governmental supervision is advised.