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The "Dark Ages"
Scholars generally refer to the years after Todd got his computer science degree, and before he started art school, as the "dark ages" of his career, because he wasn't in school, and he wasn't producing anything that could be hung on a wall or printed on paper. But just as the historical Dark Ages actually produced some fine works of illuminated art, so did Todd's "dark age". It was during this period that Todd discovered (slightly before the rest of the planet) the World Wide Web, and began designing and developing web sites - of varying quality - both for himself and odd professional/volunteer jobs. At the time, Kendall College of Art & Design's web site was utterly pathetic; Todd built an unfinished prototype of a site to replace it, but they ignored his offer to complete it for them. Interestingly, all of the graphics in that prototype were scanned in black and white and then digitally colored, as Todd didn't have access to a color scanner at the time.

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