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Early Elementary School
Todd was a prodigy. For example, before he started school he'd taught himself (with some parental assistance) to read. In kindergarten, he promptly earned the amazement - and resentment - of his peers by reading for the class. This quickly set him on the path to becoming an ostracized, misunderstood artist. (Note that he was already signing and titling his work at the age of 5 1/2.)

In first grade, the class learned about the Letter People, each of whom had their own alliterative features (such as F's big Feet); one of Todd's reproductions is shown here. But there were no characters for the numerals, or for punctuation. So Todd created his own, some of which are reproduced here. Crayons and thick markers were his media of choice, since that was pretty much all he'd been given to work with. For some reason, no one wanted to let him experiment with oil paints... or even acrylics... which probably explains his lifelong apathy toward - and lack of any real skill for - painting.

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