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Todd Comics
Todd loved comicbooks as a kid. And he liked to draw. So he started making his own. They were crude by most standards... they even make some of the art and writing of Rob Liefeld look good in comparison. The fingerless hands were something of a trademark. But he had fun with them.

Many of the characters were blatant copies of the characters he saw in the comics he was reading, often down to the costumes and names, with obvious analogs of Superman (Question Man), Batman (the Bat), the Flash (Speed Demon), Hawkman (Birdman), Captain Marvel (General Woods), Aquaman (Water Man), and Plastic Man (Rubber Man). The oddly-named Question Man is believed to have had his origins (real-world origins, not his in-story origin) in the punctuation characters Todd created in first grade. Other characters drew their inspiration elsewhere, such as Mr. Ecology (who went around cleaning up the environment) and Doc Doolitle (who could... talk to animals) and characters based on figures he'd created out of LEGOs, such as Yellow Fellow or the wheel-footed Richard Richards.

It was in the process of making these comics that Todd quickly learned the limitations of working in crayon, with their blunt tips and irregular coverage. Only the first few books were done in crayon; he switched exclusively to markers (and pencil for layouts and outlining), which would be his medium of choice for years to come.

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