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© 1970-2002 Todd VerBeek
Art & Design College
After life kicked him in the head a couple of times (if ever became famous, the made-for-TV movies would give the details), Todd decided to have his mid-life crisis early, and got the notion to go back to school... art school. Turning down a lucrative full-time-plus computer job, he chose to enroll part-time at Kendall College of Art & Design, taking a demeaning underpaid part-time job to pay the bills. But to the annoyance of the Registrar, he lacked the decisiveness to pick a major, and persisted in taking a mixture of Graphic Design, Illustration, and Digital Media classes. Hence the wide range of works, including everything from logos to web sites to animations to illustrations to portraits to landscapes.

This combination of classes forced Todd to experiment with media he would never have otherwise touched (or at least not for more than 5 frustrating minutes). He used a lot of graphite pencil, markers, colored pencils, FreeHand, Photoshop, and photography... media he was already comfortable with and enjoyed. He found a few new tools he also enjoyed, such as conte crayons, Flash, and Cinema 4D. But there were also assignments using charcoals, watercolors, gouache, pastels, and oils, which Todd started out hating, but in the end, simply harboured a stern dislike for. Some of his work from this period bears the shallowness of a typical homework assignment, but some suggests an even greater shallowness reflective of the artist himself.

Where will Todd go from here? Damn hard to tell, actually. But wherever it is, you can be sure of one thing: Todd VerBeek will be there.

Not The Library logo Zero Mass Media logo Updated Amtrak logo Q-Tone Discs logo anatomy of a typeface Five Senses ad campaign ABC's for the Modern Child Norwegian Fjord self-portrait from self-photo in London illustration for article about encryption the 4 elements Sand North Manitou Island Windows Trilliums and Log Leaf Buds Wetlands, North Manitou Island atrium stairs, Kendall College atrium floor, Kendall College inside looking out, Kendall College moon and trees studio self-portrait Talking to Myself the 4 elements anti Microsoft Office Windows animated Superman drawing skankin' dude opening scene from digital movie self-portrait, undressing interior of Todd\'s home 'Daniel and the System Crash', after Rubens 'Trick or Treat', after Michelangelo G.I. Joe emerges from a box illustration for a story by David Sedaris illustration for 'Halfway Down the Stairs' by A.A.Milne Home Windows(TM) on the World Midnight at Club 22, Reykjavik, Iceland Camel #2 Rodin's Twister Keith Haring meets Norman Rockwell The Starry Night by VanGogh... with UFOs Beer Can #2 Mom's Grandchildren: Leslie, Kyle, Carly bust and pylon classmate self-portrait caricature of the Dalai Lama profile of a model Nude Drawing Class young man in boxers nude male nude male reclining torso female model in double poses Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman self portrait, frustrated Trafalgar Square, London Gulfoss (golden falls), Iceland nude female nude male still life still life with banana Michelangelo's David & friends Inside Outside Anniversary Drawing on the Subconscious bike shadow Andy Frog shower scene